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2021 Shenzhen International Adhesives and Sealants Exhibition
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/08/23 - 08/25 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shenzhen · Guangdong Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (New Hall) ChinaGuangdongShenzhen 1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
Sponsor:Electronic materials branch of Chinese Electronic Society
Organizer:China thermal design network, Beijing New Materials Technology Association
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"Cime 2021 Shenzhen adhesives and Sealants Exhibition" will focus on displaying the latest products and technologies of adhesives and sealants industry, establish brand image for enterprises, promote trade cooperation and market development, lead the industry trend, strengthen the interaction of production, R & D and sales, deeply understand the new development trend of adhesives and sealants market at home and abroad, and explore the future with development vision The new demands of adhesives and sealants market, the innovation of exhibition connotation, and the organization of professional visitors in an all-round and multi-level way provide the exhibitors and participants with the best platform for technical exchange, Products Show and trade negotiation. 2021 Shenzhen International adhesive and sealant exhibition will be held at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 23 to 25, 2021. At that time, we warmly welcome domestic and foreign adhesive and sealant enterprises and their related industries to visit and exchange!
Target audience: we mainly invite national, provincial, municipal and relevant scientific research institutions, consumer electronics, packaging and printing, power supply, automobile industry, electronics, household appliances, construction, building materials, shoemaking, textile, light industry, computer / computer and parts, display, semiconductor, military supplies, photoelectric / LED, inverter, mechanical industry, electronic equipment, electronic components and instruments Enterprise executives of instruments, communication / communication network, medical instruments, wind power, solar energy, chassis / cabinet, choke, integrated circuit, transistor, electrical appliances, transformer, welding equipment, power electronic devices, etc. attended the meeting for visit and negotiation.
At the same time, a number of technical seminars and activities will be held to invite domestic and foreign experts and representatives to interact and exchange, discuss the development trend of the industry, and share their own experience and achievements. At that time, we warmly welcome domestic and foreign adhesive and sealant enterprises and their related industries to visit and exchange!


1. Adhesive products: water based adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, hot melt adhesive, epoxy adhesive, acrylate adhesive, instant dry adhesive, rubber adhesive, electronic adhesive
Engineering adhesives, UV curable adhesives, potting adhesives, other bonding materials and solutions, etc;
2. Sealant products: door and window sealant, waterproof sealant, glass glue, curtain wall glue, structural glue, weather resistant glue, hollow glue, stone adhesive, stone dry hanging
Glue, stone splicing glue, stone repair glue, seam agent, etc;
3. Adhesive tape and label products: all kinds of adhesive tape, all kinds of self-adhesive materials, all kinds of labels and labels, adhesive tape and label production equipment and instruments, all kinds of raw materials and chemical products for the production of adhesive products, all kinds of high-function films, protective films, release films, etc.
4. Ink products: offset printing ink, gravure printing ink, flexo printing ink, screen printing ink, water-based ink, conductive ink, jet printing ink, energy curing ink (UV ink, EB ink), insulating ink, etc;
5. Raw materials and chemical products: acrylic resin, epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, silicone resin, alkyd resin, polyester resin, light cured resin, polyester, solvents, waxes, monomers, additives, functional additives and solvents, etc.
6. Mechanical equipment: production equipment, packaging equipment, packaging raw materials, packaging containers, testing instruments, sizing tools and technology, etc.
7. Safety, health, environment and other services

Costs & Precautions

Booth charges:

Exhibition items

Specifications and requirements

Domestic enterprises

joint venture

foreign enterprise

Standard booth

3m x 3m

13800 yuan / piece / exhibition period

RMB 17800 / piece / exhibition period

$3000 / piece / exhibition period

Double booths

3m x 3m

RMB 15800 / piece / exhibition period

19800 yuan / piece / exhibition period

$3500 / piece / exhibition period

Indoor open space

36Order from

1400 yuan/m²/Exhibition period

1800 yuan/ m²/Exhibition period

$350/ m²/Exhibition period

Booth Description:

  1. Standard booth configuration: Chinese and English lintel, two fluorescent lamps, partition (height)250cm, available height 246cm), one negotiation table, two chairs, one 400W / 220V power socket and carpet;

  2. The exhibitor who orders the bare space shall be responsible for the cost of booth arrangement. Please refer to the exhibitor's Manual for details.

  3. Exhibition advertisement:

Front cover and back cover

Seal one, two, three


Tag / sling

Live advertising


15000 yuan / 12000 yuan

10000 yuan

18000 yuan / 5000 pieces




New technology press conference, new product promotion meeting, special seminar

the measure of area: 26000 square meters


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