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The 11th China milk industry conference and 2020 China Milk Industry Exhibition
Industry: Agriculture / Forestry / Animal Husbandry / Fisheries
Time: 2020/06/11 - 06/13 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Wuhan · Hubei Wuhan International Expo Center ChinaHubeiWuhan 619 Yingou Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province
Sponsor:China Dairy Association
Organizer:China Dairy Association
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China Dairy Association is scheduled to hold the 11th China dairy conference and 2020 China dairy exhibition in Wuhan, Hubei Province in mid June 2020.

"China milk industry conference and China Milk Industry Exhibition" is a large-scale exhibition sponsored and independently organized by China Milk Industry Association. The 10th China dairy conference and 2019 China dairy exhibition were successfully held in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center from July 12 to 14, 2019. The exhibition covers an area of 56000 square meters, with 495 exhibitors, including 20 top Chinese dairy enterprises, 65 overseas enterprises and 283 foreign-related enterprises. The degree of internationalization is as high as 70%, the rate of special decoration is over 93%, and the number of industry visitors exceeds 100000. All links of the whole industrial chain are attended by exhibitors and visitors, and nearly 500 large and medium-sized ranch representatives are specially invited to visit the exhibition. The exhibition attracted countries from the United States, New Zealand, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Spain and other dairy industry to exhibit in the name of national exhibition group. During the exhibition, the first China milk industry conference and 16 sub forums were held. 86 well-known experts and scholars in the industry made land reports, including 24 reports from foreign experts.

"China milk industry conference and China Milk Industry Exhibition", as a national level industry exhibition, is a large-scale, influential and cohesive event in China's milk industry. No matter from the number of professional visitors, the number and quality of exhibitors, or the scale and effect of the exhibition, it is unprecedented, unprecedented, and the benchmark of dairy industry exhibition.


Products, technology, equipment, facilities, trade, education, training, etc. in all links of the dairy industry chain.

1. Dairy farming:

Forage feed: forage powder, granule, forage, forage seed, feed raw material, feed additive, premixed feed, concentrated feed, special feed and deep processing products; feed processing machinery, feed processing equipment and accessories, feed technology, feed quality testing equipment and instruments, etc.

Health care: Veterinary Medicine, vaccine, animal health products and related biological products; disinfection and anti-inflammatory, disease prevention and treatment, diagnosis and treatment instruments and reagents; veterinary equipment and veterinary medicine production, processing related packaging machinery, equipment, materials, etc.

Cow feeding and nutrition: cow feeding technology, ration preparation technology, formula software, feeding management software, etc.

Cow breeding: frozen semen, embryo, reproduction technology and equipment, etc.

2. Equipment machinery: forage (silage) harvester, baler, breaker and other mechanical equipment; feed crusher, mixer, premixer and other feed processing equipment; TMR car, throwing cart, scattering cart and related feed conveying equipment; professional equipment such as milking machine, milk storage tank, etc.; cleaning equipment such as manure suction car, scraping board, etc.; auxiliary equipment such as temperature control, environmental control, etc.

3. Ranch Construction: ranch design, ranch construction, livestock equipment, ranch management consulting; new technologies such as turnkey project, ecological ranch combined with planting and breeding, clean energy; facilities and equipment of supporting systems in living area, production area, feed area, manure treatment area, etc.

4. Packaging equipment: paper, cardboard and other packaging materials; printing oil, packaging tape and other packaging consumables; aseptic packaging, refrigerated packaging and other packaging products.

5. Dairy processing: separator, homogenizer and other processing equipment; filling machine, distribution equipment and other packaging machinery; recycled paper, anti-counterfeiting label and other new technology products.

6. Logistics transportation equipment: refrigeration equipment such as refrigerant and temperature controller; transportation equipment such as transport vehicle and milk tanker; fluid equipment such as pipe fitting valve and steel pipe pump industry; relevant auxiliary equipment such as forklift and GPS tracker, etc.

7. Consumption trade: dairy enterprises, suppliers, distributors, agents, import and export trading companies, supermarkets, stores, e-commerce, etc.

8. High quality dairy products: low temperature milk, UHT milk, yoghurt, student drinking milk, organic milk, functional milk, characteristic milk and other liquid milk at home and abroad; milk powder, cheese, cream, whey, condensed milk and other dry dairy products; milk chips, ice cream, milk drinks, Lactobacillus drinks, protein powder and other derivative products; China dairy D20 product exhibition area.

9. Comprehensive services of dairy industry: traditional media services such as TV, radio, newspaper, publication, network; multimedia information services such as satellite, handheld, instant messaging; related services such as consulting training, financial loan, venture capital, insurance trade, certification agency, brand marketing; new services such as software development, hardware support, science and technology application, project cooperation, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Increase the standard booth

(specification: 3 × 3 = 9m2, booth height: 3.5m): 8500 yuan / piece

Indoor non decorative floor (36m2 starting): 750 yuan / m2

(2) Overseas enterprises:

Standard booth (3 × 3 = 9m2): 14000 yuan / piece

Non decorative floor (from 36m2): 1400 yuan / m2

(3) Preferential measures:

① Applicants with an exhibition area of 36 square meters or more will enjoy a 10% discount on the total price;

② Members who pay the membership dues of the association on time will enjoy a discount of 10% of the total price;

③ Overseas enterprises participating in the exhibition together in the name of national exhibition group shall enjoy the booth price treatment of domestic enterprises;

④ The above preferential measures can be used in combination, and the preferential period is from now to April 30, 2020.
The measure of area: 75000m2scale: exhibitors: more than 600 companies / visitors: 100000 person times representatives: 2000 person time technical forum: 15


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