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The 23rd World Petroleum Exhibition in 2020
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2020/12/07 - 12/10 (Mon To Thur Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: North America North AmericaU.S.A Houston, USA
Sponsor:Beijing Oriental Ruiji International Exhibition Co., Ltd


The 23rd World Petroleum Exhibition in 2020
-- the world's largest oil and Gas Exhibition (Olympic Games in oil and gas exhibition)
Exhibition time: December 7-10, 2020 (once every three years)
Venue: Houston, USA
The World Petroleum Exhibition Conference (WPC) is an international oil representative organization, a non-governmental, non-profit international oil organization, recognized as the world's authoritative oil organization. There are more than 60 member states.
Contents of exhibits: (including onshore and offshore oil and gas equipment and services)
▲ major oil and gas companies in the world
Oil and natural gas machinery and equipment: oil well, drilling rig, exploration, steel pipe, welding equipment, oil tank equipment, hoisting, hoisting, lifting, heat preservation, refrigeration, ventilation, remote monitoring, maintenance and other equipment; diesel generator, fuel dispenser, turbine, turbine, turbine, turbine and other machinery; valves, pumps, compressors, fans, natural gas equipment (liquefaction, etc.) , air separation equipment, vacuum equipment, Jack, boiler, furnace, pressure vessel, cooling machine, flange, oil pipeline, hose and its connection device, industrial explosion-proof products, industrial power supply, electric transmission device and its assembly, and various supporting equipment and chemical machinery, etc
▲ offshore oil and gas drilling and production equipment, drilling platforms, offshore oil and gas engineering equipment and services, offshore oil and gas transportation ships, etc.
▲ instruments: transformer, stabilizer, recorder, filter, temperature sensor, measuring instrument, filter, screen, etc
▲ technical services: survey, mapping, refining, purification, separation, liquefaction, welding, pressure transfer detection, quality detection, pollution control and protection, flow and velocity control and other technologies; computer data management; oil depot engineering, electrical engineering, engineering consultants; safety, alarm, emergency shutdown, danger control, operation process control, pipeline protection, fire alarm Equipment, industrial safety and labor protection equipment, experiment and simulation system, etc
It: all petroleum and natural gas products; drilling platform, steel structure; insulation materials; indicating equipment, etc.
Oil field special equipment and services, oil field communication equipment, etc;

Exhibition introduction: (the only world top oil and gas energy, technology and equipment exhibition).
World Petroleum Exhibition Conference - the world's top energy exhibition: held every three years, it is a global rotation exhibition. The 2020 is its 23rd session, with a history of 86 years. The venue of each session is different, which fully shows its global nature. The last session was successfully held in Moscow in 2014, in Istanbul in Turkey in 2017, and in the United States in 2020 In Houston (which is also its most global feature); the exhibition attracts excellent experts and tens of thousands of professional visitors from all over the world. The World Petroleum Exhibition Conference has the greatest influence on the development of science and technology and industrial economy. This exhibition is attended by the US government, the US Department of energy, and major oil and gas companies in the US. It is the world's largest petroleum exhibition in 2020. This exhibition is a high-level equipment trade exhibition with the largest exhibition level, influence and scale of exhibitors in the world. It is also the most complete exhibition for global oil and gas companies and international excellent technology and equipment suppliers.
Exhibition data:
The last (2017) exhibition held in Istanbul, Turkey was very successful, attracting more than 500 international excellent exhibitors from more than 40 countries in the world, with a net exhibition area of more than 30000 square meters. The exhibition is only open to professional visitors, attracting more than 40000 professional trade visitors from more than 80 countries in the world.  

In the last (2017) exhibition, the international enterprises that have confirmed the booth are: Turkey Petroleum (tpao), Rosneft, Gazprom, Lukoil, Qatar Petroleum, shell, BP, total, ExxonMobil, Algeria Sonatrach, ADNOC UAE, Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Oil Corporation, Trinidad & amp; Tobago, pre x, chevron, Eni, Gazprom, NIOC (National Iranian oil  Company),Statoil, Conoco Philips, Petronas, Petrobras, Gaz De France. PanAmerican Energy, Repsol, BG , RWE, Dolphin Energy, Weatherford, CHIYODA, Polish Oil Company, UK National Pav. , USA National Pav ,Angola Oil Company, Colombia National Company, Kazakhstan Oil Company, PDVSA , ONGC (india), Hallibur Ton, Weatherford, Ge, Technip, Schlumberger, Brasil national Pav.; Argentina national Pav., Russia national Pav., Germany national Pav., France national Pav., Italy national Pav., Canada National Pav., India National Pav., etc. exhibitors come from all countries in the world.

At the same time, CNPC, CNOOC, Sinopec and SINOCHEM have also determined to focus on participating in the exhibition. This is also the only exhibition attended by four major Chinese oil companies.
As the only global professional technology and equipment trade exhibition in the field of petroleum in 2020, we must not miss it!

The exhibition location is limited, and the organizer will allocate the location according to the registration sequence of the enterprise. So please sign up as soon as possible for the enterprises interested in participating in this exhibition, so as to implement the booth. As the only exclusive promotion agent designated by the organizer, our company has the full power to accept the application of Chinese enterprises on behalf of the organizer.

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Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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