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2020 Japan Spring International Baby Products Exhibition
Industry: Home / Appliances / Commodity
Time: 2020/01/20 - 01/22 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Japan Messe International Exhibition Center AsiaJapan Nakase 2-1, Mihama-ku Chiba City 261-0023 Japan
Sponsor:Shanghai Fumao Exhibition Co., Ltd


2020 Japan Spring International Baby Products Exhibition
    Baby & Kids Expo

(spring) exhibition time: January 20-22, 2020, muzhang exhibition hall, Chiba, Tokyo

(summer) exhibition time: July 8-10, 2020 Tokyo Youming International Exhibition Hall

(Autumn) exhibition time: September 9-11, 2020 Osaka International Exhibition Center

Sponsor: Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd

General agent in China: Shanghai Fumao Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. - professional service provider of Japan Exhibition

Recommended index: --- Japan's largest and only maternity and baby show

Exhibition area: 30000 square meters, 1200 Chinese exhibitors, more than 60

● for those who do not participate in the exhibition, our company can provide group observation service, visa, air ticket, hotel, admission card processing and other services

In addition, our company can handle Japanese visa (business, tourism, more than three years, more than five years) with simple materials and fast signing

Exhibition introduction:

Japan International Baby and children's products exhibition is the top exhibition in the field of baby and children's products in Japan. Japan International Baby and children's products exhibition is an excellent place for one-stop purchase of baby products, toys and maternity products. In recent years, the demand for infant products in department stores, specialty stores, interior stores and gift stores has increased dramatically. With the growth of market demand, the maternity and infant products exhibition has attracted more and more attention. The products on display in this exhibition cover all infant products and are unique in Japan. The exhibition has many highlights: the organizer will also hold various activities to enhance the interaction between buyers and exhibitors, such as matchmaking activities between exhibitors and buyers, holding various special forum activities, which are of great significance for you to understand and explore the Japanese market.

Now more and more Chinese enterprises are also paying attention to the Japanese market. From the perspective of exhibition effect, Chinese exhibitors are very satisfied with the effect of this exhibition, and they all say they will participate in the exhibition next year. Most of them are professional manufacturers, purchasers, distributors and agents in the industry of women and infants and toys.

In order to continue to support Chinese enterprises to explore the Japanese market, our company will continue to organize a group to participate in the 2020 Tokyo International baby show, which will provide a good opportunity for Chinese and Asian manufacturers, suppliers or traders engaged in baby products to directly negotiate with Japanese Importers, first-class wholesalers and retail giants!

Market analysis:

Japan is a consumer island country. Due to its limited land and resources, most of its necessities are basically imported except for some products produced locally. Especially in Japan, the market resources of infant and child products are very rich. With the improvement of living standards, parents' investment in children's food, clothing, transportation and other aspects is also growing, especially for the younger generation of parents. In Japan, there are 6 times a year for parents to buy new clothes for their children: New Year's day, June 1 children's day, graduation ceremony, school, children's day and Christmas day. Usually at these times children go out wearing new clothes. Therefore, the Japanese infant and child products market has a very broad prospect. If it can successfully enter the market, it will bring high profits to Chinese infant and child products manufacturers. Many foreign enterprises regard the participation in the Japanese baby and children's products exhibition as a shortcut to enter the Japanese baby and children's products market, and the fact also proves that their choice is rewarding.

Exhibition scope:

Baby products: baby stroller, car seat, rubber pacifier, milk bottle, rattle, bedding, furniture, lunch box, kettle, cutlery, backpack, stationery, bath toys, baby soap, shower gel, souvenirs, safety products, baby clothes, children's wear, underwear, bib, skirt, children's shoes, sleeping bag, socks, tights, hat, pajamas, organic products, etc

Maternity products: underwear and footwear products for pregnant mothers; special care products and cosmetics during pregnancy; baby straps; Mummy bags; maternity clothes; radiation resistant clothes, anti slip pads and other products

Audience source:

Retailers / distributors, baby and children's stores, toy stores, clothing stores, gift stores, department stores, upscale stores, boutiques, stationery stores, large retailers, online shopping malls, daily grocery stores, supermarkets, wholesale and import and export companies

Exhibition subsidy

All exhibitors who join our group and meet the conditions of small and medium-sized enterprises have the opportunity to obtain the subsidy from the national small and medium-sized enterprises for international market development. The subsidy amount is different in different provinces, and the specific amount is called for consultation. A minimum of 15000 yuan.

Registration method

Please fill in the application receipt and fax it to the contact person 3 months before the exhibition. Due to the limited space, we will arrange the space on a first come, first served basis.

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Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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