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2020 Shanghai 11th "global private brand products Asia Exhibition"
Industry: Comprehensive / Cross-industry
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/12/03 - 12/05 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Pudong New Area · Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Sponsor:PLSC private brand manufacturers association (PLMA)
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The 11th anniversary of "global private brand products Asia Exhibition" has been a professional private brand trade exhibition in Asia. Every year, it has become a place for retailers and suppliers to meet and establish private brand business cooperation. It has become an annual event of domestic and even Asian retail industry's own brands. The exhibition occupies 5 pavilions of Shanghai New International Expo Center. This year, the number of booths is expected to exceed 2000. The exhibitors come from 35 regions around the world, including food and non food products. More than 10000 professional purchasers come from chain stores, comprehensive shopping malls, discount stores, drugstores, hypermarkets and convenience stores around the world, including importers, wholesalers and many online new retailers to search for products and learn about new trends. At the same time, a number of thematic symposiums and seminars will be held. The exhibition area of "Asia private brand product selection" will be specially set up in the exhibition. 200 sets of open shelf cabinets will present private brand products of famous retailers. "Global private brand products Asia Exhibition" in 2019 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (n1-n4 hall, 50000 square meters) on December 10-12, 2019. The exhibition hall is located between Lujiazui Finance and Zhangjiang hi tech in Pudong. Shanghai rail transit lines 2, 7 and 16 and maglev will be gathered to provide a convenient and efficient trade exhibition for major exhibitors.
"Asia Exhibition of global private brand products" is the place to establish relationship network and contact. Product R & D experts look for appropriate suppliers to cooperate, suppliers understand market demand, and then establish good business relationship with major purchasers. If your company is already a supplier of private brand products, this exhibition will introduce you to more buyers for negotiation. If your company has just started to enter the private brand market, participation in this exhibition will be an ideal step to enter the market.
Market analysis:
In 2018, PLF not only attracts professional retailers, e-commerce platforms, global procurement, professional stores and other enterprises, but also many importers and exporters, distributors / agents / traders, etc., who also have purchase demand for OEM products.
These enterprises need 65.71% of the general merchandise, 59.86% of the food and 33.11% of the fresh food..
In addition, 63.3% of on-site buyer decision-makers perform procurement tasks. , the company's decision-makers / authorizers come to visit, which can more effectively absorb the current trend of private brand products, in-depth cooperation with suppliers, and more effectively develop private brand products favored by consumers.
Private brand products are the main focus of China's retail transformation, and consumer recognition is increasing. According to Nielsen market research company's report, in recent years, the sales of self owned brands of traditional retail, online retail, brand operators and large-scale shopping malls have increased by 10%, and the total sales of the whole year is nearly 100 billion yuan; the whole market share has increased significantly, and this trend will continue. With the rise of professional private brand operation platforms such as Yan Xuan, jingzao, Xinxuan, mingchuang, etc.; the disruption of new retail enterprises such as Hippo Xiansheng, super species, Bailian Riso, 7fresh, Su Xiansheng, etc.; at the same time, the collective efforts of offline traditional retail; the private brand is becoming the online and offline arena, the driver of horse racing circle. And these brands are more than national brands, nearly 20% of consumers expect to buy more private brands in the next few years.
Audience analysis:
Total number of visitors: 20680; total number of overseas countries and regions: 48
In 2018plf, the number of professional visitors increased 59% year on year. By virtue of the second "China retail private brand selection", a large number of retail enterprises from the first tier to the third tier and fourth tier cities in China have gathered, and most of the retail enterprises have joined the online sales platform or cooperated with well-known online platforms to expand PC end and mobile phone end customers, improve service and expand service scope.
Time saving: no longer looking for the right suppliers / purchasers
Worry free: no longer running in the stadiums of more than 100000 square meters
Labor saving: no longer bothering to explain that private brands are all one family
Exhibition advantages:
Authority: industry leaders come in person to discuss the wind direction of private brand and focus on new private brand products
Major: one of the three major international private brand professional exhibitions, radiating the whole Asia
Standard: national private brand product selection and centralized display
Trend: private brand is a necessary choice for retail reform and transformation
Accuracy: professional buyer groups in 50 + countries, the number is increasing year by year, providing free access to purchase and supply
Comprehensive: online, offline, and circulation channels; supermarkets, convenience stores, franchise stores, brand operators, etc
Difference: facing the end channel providers directly, de intermediation, benefiting the three parties (purchasers, suppliers, consumers)
Accumulation: 9 years, standing at the forefront of private brand development, ushering in the transformation of the industry

Why - why?
In Asia, you will see
1. Long history, good reputation, China's own brand industry event
2. Enjoy the support of government departments and the integrated resources of global private brand industry chain
3. Only high-quality buyers are allowed to enter, more than 60% of them are looking for new products
4. Accurate buyer manual, gathering a large number of domestic and foreign high-quality buyers
PLF Asia provides you with an effective platform for business opportunities
1. Grasp the golden period of over selection in December, understand the actual needs of buyers to expand sales
2. Develop new business partners and get valuable opportunities
3. Display new products and provide market awareness of products
4. Give priority to ISPC's domestic and foreign trade purchase order supporting services and make the most of the advantageous resources

Exhibitor List (part):
Hangzhou Guoguang Tourism Products Co., Ltd. Shanghai Meixin sanitary products Co., Ltd. Anhui Hanbang Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. Shandong Runhe sanitary materials Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Zhuangya Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Shanghai Zhefu Electric Co., Ltd. Shandong Keli non woven products Co., Ltd. kangnaxiang enterprise (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Jiangyin Yunzhi medical non woven products Co., Ltd. Guangdong Xinbao Electric Co., Ltd
Lianyungang Meishun Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Hangzhou zhuomiao Industry Co., Ltd. addition foods Pte ltd.curatex GmbH dakoma sp. Z o.o.deva nutrition A.S
Eudorex s.r.l.fast beauty retailing international SPRL Metro cash & carry Co., Ltd. Wal Mart (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Yonghui Supermarket Co., Ltd
Fuzhou Zhengtai light industrial products Co., Ltd. Beijing Luowa Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Xinhua Mei Industrial Co., Ltd. fangjiapuzi Green Food Co., Ltd. Xiamen Lvdi ecological Co., Ltd
Fuzhou Huiyuan Food Co., Ltd. Shanghai mabao Food Co., Ltd. Fuyang Jiannuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Qinglian Food Co., Ltd. Chengdu xixiangfeng Food Co., Ltd
Henan Haofeng Food Co., Ltd. Fujian Quanjiafu Food Co., Ltd. Tongcheng nutritious food Co., Ltd. Shandong Guoyuan Liquor Co., Ltd. Changsha Guanshi Food Co., Ltd. Sichuan Hongye Food Co., Ltd
Taiwan Power lvneng international Meihuo Group Co., Ltd. Lido International Enterprise Co., Ltd. Xinguan Co., Ltd. Shengfeng Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Netease wuweixiong (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd


1. Comprehensive food
Leisure food: puffed food, preserved fruit, fried fish in dry pot
Meat shop food: preserved meat food
Non staple food: soy sauce vinegar, seasoning, pickle, jam, sausage, can, pickle, instant food, grain, edible oil
Alcoholic beverages: quit smoking products, domestic liquor, wine, beer, functional wine, imported wine, carbonated drink, water, tea, juice, normal temperature dairy products, functional drinks, coffee drinks
Biscuits and cakes: biscuits, pies, cakes, cookies
Candy chocolate: gum, chocolate, hard / soft candy, jelly
Prepared food: milk powder, cereal, meal paste, tea, soy milk powder, paste prepared product, other prepared drinks, honey, solid coffee, sugar
Nutrition and health care products: Ginseng antler nourishing, concentrated health care, diet food, medicine wine, bee products
North South dry goods: dried vegetables, dried seafood, dried fruits
2. Household department store
Household cleaning and aromatic products: decontamination, incense, insecticidal, nursing, cleaning
Washing products: Laundry
Paper for daily use: paper products, disposable paper products
Sponge products: Bedding sponge
Plastic products and storage: kitchen plastic products, shelves and dustbins, clothing sorting and sundries, pendants
Clothing, footwear and accessories: socks, underwear, pajamas, casual shoes, functional footwear, slippers, leather shoes, shirts, accessories, Outerwear, sportswear, formal wear, children's clothing, sweaters and trousers
Home textile: bedding, towel bath towel
Cooking and baking utensils and tableware: cookware, kitchen utensils and sundries, tableware and water utensils
Household appliances: household appliances, kitchen appliances, personal health care
3C Digital: digital, video entertainment
Household hardware and gardening products: electrical accessories, hardware and other, gardening products, automobile beauty products and tools
Pregnancy and baby products: baby care, baby bedding, towel and saliva towel, children's furniture storage, feeding products, toys, baby carriage and baby bed, children's shoes, children's bag, newborn clothing, children's clothing, large and medium-sized children's clothing, baby accessories, maternity underwear, pregnant mother's clothing, mommy products
Sports office: student supplies, office supplies, photo albums, greeting cards and cards, office equipment, communication equipment, ball games, rackets, comprehensive
Smart manufacturing: USB products, mobile phone accessories, LED products, sports, home medical, car intelligence, smart home appliances
3. Personal care
Over the counter use of vitamins and internal and external use: vitamins, internal and external use
Oral care and cleaning: oral care, toothpaste, floss
Body care: wipes, household medical devices, medical bandages and gauze
Over the counter drugs and health care products: Supplements
Eye, ear, nose and foot care: vaseline
Health first aid: Band Aid
Feminine, adult and infant products: sanitary napkins, diapers
Beauty products: bath products, hair products, skin care products, women's cleaning products, soap, hair dye with baked oil, beauty products
4. Fresh ingredients
Aquatic products, poultry, meat: fresh fish, fresh shrimp and crab, fresh other aquatic products, frozen fish, frozen other aquatic products, frozen shrimp and crab, frozen other aquatic products, processed fish, processed pellets, processed other marine products, fish, shrimp and crab shells, processed products, dried and salted products, pork and segmentation
Fruits and vegetables: leafy vegetables, rhizomes, vegetables, bean products, dried fruits, grains, eggs, flowers, fungi, tropical, citrus, hard fruits, soft fruits, melons, fruit baskets, fruit boxes
Prepared food: cold food, baked products, fried products, stewed products, snacks, pizza, sandwiches, noodles, packaged platters, meat (raw materials), aquatic products (raw materials), bean products (raw materials), frozen / frozen vegetables, prepackaged and conditioned vegetables
Frozen noodles: Cakes
Raw and auxiliary materials and condiments: hot pot bottom materials, conditioning ingredients, organic ingredients
Dairy products: yoghurt

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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