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2020 the 9th China Shanghai International Automation Technology and Instrument Exhibition
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2020/04/15 - 04/17 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shanghai Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center 66 Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Sponsor:Shanghai Liguo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Organizer:Shanghai Liguo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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Shanghai International Automation Technology and Instrumentation Exhibition has been successfully held for eight times. The exhibition area of the last exhibition was 30000 square meters, attracting more than 300 enterprises from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. A total of 29673 people from 28 countries and regions came to visit the exhibition and 1200 delegates attended the exhibition. After the exhibition, the organizing committee's survey of exhibitors' information shows that 92% of the exhibitors are satisfied with the exhibition effect of the exhibition 86% of the exhibitors have strong interest in participating in the next exhibition again, and 80% of the exhibitors think that compared with other exhibitions, this exhibition has greater advantages. According to the survey of visitors' information, 97% of the visitors expressed their willingness to recommend the exhibition to business partners or colleagues, 91% of the visitors said they would visit the exhibition in 2020, the proportion of industrial users among professional visitors reached nearly 86.3%, and the number of visitors with purchasing decision-making power reached as high as 77%. We firmly believe that the next exhibition, through the support of exhibitors and the joint efforts of multiple organizations, will be more and more The better.
Shanghai International Automation Technology and Instrument Exhibition will be held in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center from April 15 to 17, 2020! It will focus on displaying the latest products and technologies of automation technology and instrument industry, establish brand image for enterprises, promote trade cooperation and market development, lead the industry trend, strengthen the interaction of production, R & D and sales, and gain insight into the future development trend of the industry at home and abroad. The organizing committee will organize professional audiences in all aspects and at multiple levels to provide a technology for participating enterprises and merchants The best platform for communication, product display and trade negotiation.

Scale advantage, meet new dealers and buyers - provide strong guarantee for the actual exhibition effect of exhibitors. The exhibition is expected to attract more than 30000 visitors, adopt a strong global investment promotion mode, integrate the databases of previous exhibitions, and focus on inviting users of industrial manufacturing industry to visit and negotiate.
Seamless connection, invite domestic and foreign merchants - in the exhibition hall, subway stations, hotels have advertising signs, and arrange more than 1000 foreign language full-time personnel, will be involved in the field of this exhibition professional purchasers directly introduced to our exhibition site to negotiate procurement.
Expand the market and consolidate the existing market share - one time participating in the exhibition enjoys comprehensive online and offline publicity, covering new media methods such as websites, magazines, newspapers, mobile newspapers, microblogs, wechat, etc., and multiple surprises for one time participating in the exhibition. Keep up with the latest market development, share and interact with each other, set up a one-to-one trade matching meeting, invite the user procurement director from the online and offline hydrogen fuel cell industry, the audience from more than 50 countries and regions around the world, arrange one-to-one meeting and negotiation, and improve the sales of your products.
100 media follow-up reports throughout the whole process - we emphasize the shaping and promotion of exhibitors' corporate brands. By inviting the central media, mainstream financial media, large-scale portal websites, industry media and overseas media to carry out all-round, multi angle and three-dimensional reports on exhibitors, we can maximize the promotion of the latest products and technologies to global buyers and create infinite business opportunities for exhibitors! The exhibition will invite hundreds of industry media including CCTV, Xinhua news agency, China business news, China Securities News, securities times, phoenix.com, Sohu, Netease, Sina, Tencent, etc.


Scope of exhibits:
1. Industrial robot and intelligent factory: industrial robot local machine (security, patrol inspection, explosion removal, rescue, cleaning, etc.), robot development platform and software, manipulator, etc;
2. Industrial process control and monitoring: distributed control system DCS, PLC, IPC, PC controller, frequency conversion controller, high and low voltage electrical appliances, industrial control power supply, all kinds of automatic intelligent control devices.
3. Factory automation equipment: dividers, dividing disks, turntables, rotary disks, CNC systems, automatic processing centers, servo systems, reducers, power transmission and control equipment, manipulators, dispensing machines, soldering machines, UV curing machines, robots, safety alarm systems and devices, CNC digital display equipment, industrial monitoring and industrial vision systems.
4. Instruments and intelligent instruments: automatic instruments, thermal instruments, automobile instruments, marine instruments, light industrial instruments, electrical instruments, analytical instruments, geological instruments, various special instruments, scientific instruments, optical instruments, intelligent medical instruments, environmental protection instruments, electronic measuring instruments, teaching instruments, textile instruments, etc., field with communication and control algorithm Data acquisition, control intelligent instrument, industrial Ethernet and industrial control network system and products.
5. Application of information technology in automation, instrument and meter: computer voice, image, graphic processing equipment, network technology, application configuration software, multimedia technology, virtual technology, virtual instrument, etc.
6. Integrated automation system and equipment: power electronic automation system, building automation system, fire and security system, factory automation integrated system, power transmission equipment hydraulic and pneumatic components; electric and mechanical transmission device.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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