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Qidong Hardware Fair in 2020
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2021/01/29 - 01/31 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Qidong Tianfen international electric tool City Exhibition Center ChinaJiangsu ProvinceNantong Cityqidong Lvsigang Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province
Sponsor:Qidong Municipal People's Government electric tools branch of China Electrical Industry Association
Organizer:Qidong Municipal People's Government electric tools branch of China Electrical Industry Association
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Two thousand and twentyThe firstTwenty-oneChina Qidong Tianfen science and Technology Hardware Fair

 Sponsor: Qidong Municipal People's Government Electric tools branch of China Electrical Industry Association 

 Undertaker: People's Government of lvsigang Town, Qidong City 

 Time Between:Two thousand and twentyyear01month29-31Day (the fifth day of the first month of the lunar calendar-Seventh day)

 land Point: Tianfen international electric tool City Exhibition Center, lvsigang Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province 

China electric tools NoOneWelcome to the exhibition!

    Exhibition Brief

    The 21st China Qidong Tianfen spring science and Technology Hardware FairTwo thousand and twentyyear01month29-31Tianfen Hardware Fair has become one of the most effective exhibitions in the hardware industry, especially in the electric tools industry. It is well received by people in the hardware industry. 

    Tianfen has a unique industrial foundation and human resources. It is distributed in more than 10000 distribution stores across the country and has become a unique marketing network of the industry. The huge commercial value of this system is being recognized by more and more hardware and electrical businesses. It is this pass to open up the national market that will make Tianfen hardware become the wind vane of industrial development. 

    The previous Tianfen Fair has been a hot market with active transactions, bringing vitality and business opportunities for enterprises in the industry to build a marketing system. Exhibition selfTwo thousandSince its establishment in, it has been successfully held in successionTwentyThe fair has attracted a large number of well-known businessmen from home and abroad to participate in the fair. The fair will set up a standard booth nearOne thousandExpected exhibitorsFive hundredMultiple, professional audiencesEightTen thousand people! 

Qidong, China's electric tool industry base, welcome!


 1. hand tools: traditional hand tools, combination tools, automobile protection tools, garden tools, toolbox packages, measuring tools, cutting tools, etc.

Two. electric tools: traditional electric tools, pneumatic tools, hydraulic tools and accessories, etc.

Three. pneumatic tools: traditional pneumatic tools, components of pneumatic tools, etc.

Four. building hardware: bathroom, sanitary ware, decoration, doors and windows, plumbing, locks, fasteners, wires, nails, nets, casters, brushes, ladders, etc.

Five. daily hardware: Tobacco gifts, hardware crafts, hardware, stainless steel products, knives and scissors, scooters, barbecue ovens, etc.

Six. hardware kitchen and bathroom: plumbing equipment, kitchen supplies, hotel supplies, etc.

Seven. Abrasives: Abrasives, cutting tools, diamond products, etc.

Eight. pump valve electromechanical: water pump, valve, valve accessories, pipe fittings, air compressor, generator, water supply and drainage equipment, bearing, etc.

Nine. mechanical equipment: woodworking machinery, garden machinery, cleaning machinery, packaging machinery, processing machinery, lifting equipment, spraying equipment, etc.

Ten. welding equipment: electric welding equipment and equipment, gas welding, gas cutting equipment, welding auxiliary equipment, welding materials, etc.

Eleven. other products: electrical materials, fire-fighting equipment, safety protection, labor protection appliances, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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  • Truename:Hu Hu
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  • Address:Lvsigang Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province


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