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The 6th Beijing International artificial intelligence products exhibition (AI smart Expo) in 2020
Industry: Public / Security / Smart
Cycle: Once A Year
Time: 2020/06/30 - 07/02 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Beijing City Beijing Yichuang International Exhibition Center ChinaBeijing CityDaxing District 6 Rongchang East Road, Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing
Sponsor:Beijing Ming World Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:·Beijing Ming World Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd
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The 6th Beijing International artificial intelligence products exhibition (AI smart Expo) in 2020

2020 Beijing International Ai Exhibition (AI wisdom Expo)

Time: June 30-July 2, 2020 location: Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center


In the first half of 2018, China's AI policy was constantly implemented, and the commercialization process of technology application was accelerated. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the level of information technology in China has been greatly improved, the number of Internet users has leapt to the first place in the world, the core technology in the information field has profoundly changed many aspects of people's lives, and the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and application has brought more lasting and profound thinking attacks and changes. At the policy level, the new generation AI development plan issued by the State Council proposes that "by 2030, China will become the world's major AI innovation center". In China's national strategic planning, artificial intelligence has transcended the concept of technology, and has become a foothold and new opportunity for the development of domestic industry upgrading and international competitiveness upgrading. At the level of industry application, huge industry application scenarios, R & D capacity accumulation, massive data resources and open market macro environment are organically combined to form the unique advantages of China's artificial intelligence development, Relying on the broad prospect of the application market, we will promote technological innovation and form a common drive of technology and market. It is estimated that the market scale of China's artificial intelligence will reach 23.82 billion yuan in 2018.

5g and AI are two undoubted strategic development areas. From the perspective of 5g, GSMA released a white paper in 2017, "5g opens the era of wireless connection and intelligent automation", which depicts a very bright prospect for the global communication industry: by 2025, the number of 5g connections will exceed 1.1 billion, accounting for about 12% of the global mobile connections, covering more than 1 / 3 of the global population. 5g will also bring an average annual compound growth rate (gagr) of more than 2.5% for operators. In 2025, the revenue will reach 1.3 trillion US dollars. The report also surveyed CEOs of 750 operators and senior project managers of equipment companies around the world, including "what business 5g will mainly support". The results show that 83% of people choose AI driven business. It can be seen that AI driven business will be the main application scenario of 5g.

From the perspective of AI enabling 5g, AI can be used in all walks of life, not just in the communication industry. After decades of development, the telecom industry will be the largest market segment of AI. According to the Global Research Report of tractica / ovum, by 2025, the global telecom industry's investment in AI software, hardware and services is expected to reach 36.7 billion US dollars. The annual AI revenue of the telecom industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 48.8%, from the current $315.7 million to about $11.3 billion in 2025. This volume is also quite large.

Under the background of the state's advocacy of "one belt and one road", we should strengthen the international resources of all roads and regions, unify our thinking, and implement the "Internet plus" action plan of "made in China 2025" in an all round economic strategy to promote the integration of AI, big data and Internet of things with smart city, and promote the comprehensive development of smart city construction. The "2020 Beijing International artificial intelligence Exhibition" (AI smart Expo) is scheduled to be held in Beijing, China from June 30 to July 2, 2020.

The exhibition area of this "smart Expo" is expected to reach 35000 square meters, and 1500 international standard booths are preset. It will adapt to the actual needs of the development of artificial intelligence industry, closely integrate the latest technology, products, services and business models at home and abroad, optimize life style, management mode and production mode around artificial intelligence, and highlight the intelligent, networked and digital construction of manufacturing field Follow the layout of the whole industrial chain of artificial intelligence and highlight the latest scientific and technological achievements. "Beijing Smart Expo" will be built into a first-class professional exhibition at home and abroad in accordance with the concept of marketization, specialization and internationalization, a platform for national AI industrial policy publicity and implementation, a platform for global AI industry exchange and cooperation, and a platform for global AI new technology, new products and new services promotion and exhibition, attracting many excellent enterprises and industries at home and abroad Resources come to Beijing, invest in China, cultivate and expand artificial intelligence technology, and promote leapfrog development in China.

Co sponsorship

In order to maximize the effect of enterprises participating in the exhibition, the organizing committee sponsors enterprises to achieve the goal of market development strategy. The following different sponsorship schemes are specially formulated: scheme a, scheme B, scheme C, three kinds of sponsors, each with two details. In particular, several industry-related awards are set up. All exhibitors participating in the 2020ai smart Expo have the opportunity to participate in the award-winning activities. The awards of the conference are set with "Gold Award", "Silver Award", "Top Ten Brand Award, excellent enterprise (and entrepreneur), integrity pacesetter" award and "designated products" Recommended Product Award (details available)

Seize the international market and help the upgrading of AI industry

As the leading center of China's political center, cultural center and international exchange center, Beijing has the leading position of business cooperation and business exchange at home and abroad. Its radiation range is large and its influence range is wide, which is impossible for any city in China. The 2020 Beijing International artificial intelligence exhibition, which is held in Beijing, can guarantee the best interests of all customers participating in the exhibition. Compared with any city in the country, it has unparalleled advantages in market promotion. The birth of Beijing Smart Expo will create more favorable conditions for the development of artificial intelligence industry.

Relevant activities

1. How AI in hard technology will drive the future

2. The road to commercialization of artificial intelligence technology

3. AI deep learning is changing the world

Publicity and promotion

More than 50 professional media platforms

More than 300000 invitations

500000 tickets will be distributed to professional users and traders

More than 20 authoritative user industry association cooperation organizations

Comprehensive promotion in more than 20 countries and regions around the world

Enjoy the influence of brand exhibition!

Participation Procedures

1. Booth arrangement principle: "apply first, pay first, arrange first".

2. In order to rationalize and internationalize the overall arrangement of the exhibition, please fill in the application and contract form carefully and stamp it with official seal for scanning or mailing it to the Organizing Committee of the conference;

3. The exhibitor shall pay 50% of the exhibition fee within three valid working days after registration, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to adjust or cancel the booth;

4. Without the approval of the organizing committee, the exhibitors will cancel the exhibition plan unilaterally, and the paid exhibition fee will not be refunded;

5. Without the approval of the organizing committee, exhibitors are not allowed to transfer the reserved booth, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to cancel their participation qualification;

Note: in order to ensure the overall image of the exhibition, the Organizing Committee of the conference has the right to reserve or change the booth of some exhibitors.


Scope of exhibits

Fundamentals of artificial intelligence

Big data, Internet of things, smart city, chip, sensor, algorithm framework, cloud service, AI hardware solution, AI Lab, etc


Consumer UAV: aerial photography UAV, competitive UAV, AR UAV, selfie UAV, entertainment UAV, UAV + model system and services: control system, navigation and positioning equipment, PTZ, sports camera, panoramic camera, FPV glasses, remote control system, monitor, power supply, engine, motor, electric control, transmission and reception system, UAV model customization scheme , training and certification, investment and financing, insurance, etc

VR / AR virtual reality, naked eye 3D

Virtual reality, holographic projection, laser projection equipment, multimedia interaction, immersive experience games and equipment, immersive digital cinema, virtual walk, naked eye 3D TV, 3d-9d film equipment, multi-point touch equipment, augmented reality software, augmented reality equipment, augmented reality technology, augmented reality products, AR games, head mounted display, multimedia, 3D modeling, 3D Virtual sound technology, real-time video display, stereo display technology, environment modeling technology, real-time rendering technology, etc;

Smart wearable device

Smart watch, smart glasses, smart bracelet, glove mobile phone, wearable computer, smart headset, smart necklace, smart helmet, smart wristband, wearable camera, headset display device, smart wristband, smart gloves, smart jewelry, smart wallet, smart scale, smart cane, smart clothing, smart shoes, smart clothing, sports tracker, smart glasses Film, mirror frame, smart Bracelet (watch) hard plastic, metal and rubber materials, mold development manufacturer, metal shell, metal bracket, ITO conductive glass, nano materials, control panel, glass substrate, OCA optical glue, LCD backlight module / module, new USB interface device, Bluetooth wireless connection control equipment products, etc.

3D printing

Printer, copier, image and text fast printing, label printing and other equipment, ink cartridge, toner drum, ribbon, ink, toner, paper and other consumables, chip, photosensitive drum, roll film, movement, printing head and other parts, 3D printer, 3D printing consumables, 3D printing technology and services

Digital game

Software, hardware and peripheral equipment of digital game products; digital visual effect software and equipment; game console and online entertainment products; portable game equipment and accessories; AR / VR content and equipment; motion and cartoon film and television works and their design, production, editing software and hardware; game and cartoon peripheral; digital entertainment software and hardware development; digital reading, video and audio equipment and others; Property rights transaction; third party platform; education and digital publications, etc.

intelligent robot

Home service robot, customer service robot, catering service robot, welcome robot, children robot, bionic / real robot, brain like robot, education robot, medical robot, cleaning robot, sensor robot, interactive robot, autonomous robot, entertainment robot, UAV, intelligent patrol robot, etc.

pattern recognition

Biometrics, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, face recognition, vein recognition, character recognition, retina recognition, remote sensing image recognition, intelligent language recognition, license plate recognition, standing wave recognition, speech recognition, 2D3D recognition, multi-dimensional recognition, etc;

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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