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Congratulations on the grand opening of the 12th China Yiwu International Forest Products Expo 2019 in China Yiwu International Expo Center!

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The 12th China Yiwu International Forest Products Expo 2019 opened in Yiwu International Expo Center from November 1 to



Congratulations on the grand opening of the 12th China Yiwu International Forest Products Expo 2019 at the China Yiwu International Expo Center from November 1 to 4, 2019! From all over the forest industry and forest products manufacturing enterprises, forest wood products, forest machinery, garden facilities and other supporting enterprises and related forest products supporting suppliers came to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition attracted purchasers, brand agents and a large number of visitors from all over the industry to come to the scene to order, visit and join in. The scene is hot! Cotv global live broadcast, large-scale exhibition for your live release!

       China Yiwu International Forest Products Fair (hereinafter referred to as the forest Expo) was founded in 2008, sponsored by the State Forestry Administration and the people's Government of Zhejiang Province, and has been successfully held for nine times. Forest Expo is a green, low-carbon and environmental protection exhibition, with strong trade function, numerous business opportunities, outstanding international level, perfect service system, exhibition scale, exhibition effect and Exhibition influence ranking first among similar exhibitions in Asia Pacific, enjoying the reputation of "forestry Olympic Games". Forest Expo has won 20 national awards, including "2017 top ten brand exhibition projects in China". The forest Expo is also the first agricultural and forestry exhibition in China and the second in the world that has passed the UFI certification.

Scope of exhibits

● furniture and accessories: office furniture, hotel furniture, civil furniture, school furniture, children's furniture, laboratory furniture, outdoor furniture and furniture accessories, etc.

● wood structure and wood building materials: residential wood structures such as wooden houses and prefabricated wood structures; wood pavilions, wooden bridges, wooden flower frames and outdoor and landscape wood structures; wood and bamboo building materials such as wooden doors, wooden windows, stairs, floors, anticorrosive wood, science and technology wood, wood plastic profiles; plywood, particleboard, joinery boards, density boards and home decoration design, etc.

● wood and bamboo crafts: root carving, wood carving, ivory carving, bamboo weaving, bamboo carving, carbon carving, lacquer ware, photo frame, picture frame, gift, ornament, spice, etc. ● wood and bamboo daily necessities: toys, kitchenware, tableware, stationery, cleaning tools, laundry tools, bedding, health care products, automotive products, outdoor products, sporting goods, bamboo charcoal daily necessities, wood and bamboo fiber products, willow, rattan and forest tourism products, etc.

● forest food: woody grain and oil products; bamboo shoots, dried fruits, fruits, edible fungi and products; Chinese medicinal materials, health food, wild animals and plants domestication and propagation products; wine, drinks, leisure food, condiments, etc. ● tea products: famous and special tea such as green tea, white tea, black tea, black tea, Pu'er tea; tea food, tea beverage, tea health products, tea clothing, tea pillow and other tea deep processing products; tea table, teapot, teacup, teabowl, teatray and other tea appliances; tea culture works of art, tea machinery, tea packaging, etc.

● Flower Gardening: seeds and seedlings of flowers and green seedlings; ornamental products such as ornamental plants, bonsai, fresh cut flowers, dry flowers, bionic flowers and plants; gardening and garden accessories such as containers, substrates, garden hardware tools, pet supplies; gardening materials such as sunscreen, plastic film, fertilizer, agricultural medicine, etc.

        ● forestry science and technology and forestry equipment: forestry technology and achievements, forestry creativity and products, garden machinery, wood and bamboo machinery, mining and transportation machinery, forest leisure field equipment and entertainment equipment, forest fire-fighting equipment, forest pest control equipment, greenhouse equipment, irrigation equipment, food and beverage packaging and processing equipment, etc.


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