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Egypt international water treatment exhibition 2020
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2020/03/22 - 03/24 (Sun To Tues Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Egypt · Africa Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center AfricaEgypt Nasr Road Nasr City Egypt
Sponsor:China Chemical Information Center


The 5th Egypt international water treatment exhibition in 2020
(Watrex Expo 2020)

1、 Exhibition time: March 22-24, 2020

2、 Venue: Cairo, Egypt

3、 Exhibition cycle: once a year

4、 Organization
Organizer: Al awael for international trade fairs
China organizing exhibition unit: China Chemical Industry Information Center

5、 Exhibition content
|Water treatment system and technology: chemicals, chemicals cooling tower, chemical derusting, chemical defluorination, chemical reverse osmosis, chemical sewage treatment, hot seawater desalination, chemical wastewater treatment, chemical water treatment
|Water treatment and sewage treatment: various pumps, membrane technology and equipment, filtration equipment, sewage treatment technology and equipment, industrial wastewater treatment technology and equipment, reclaimed water recycling technology and equipment, direct drinking water technology and equipment, drinking water treatment equipment, ultra pure water production technology and equipment, water circulation equipment, chemical water treatment technology and equipment, water treatment chemicals, activated carbon Water tank, UV system, etc;
|Desalination system, diffusion aeration system, disinfectant, vacuum distillation, dosing pump, driver, sewage treatment plant, ejector, electrodialysis, electrolyzer, energy solution, engineering company, evaporator, filter cartridge, filter shell, filter press, filter equipment, filter medium, filter plant, accessories, metal, other plastic accessories - PE / PP /, flow Meter, fluoride removal system, heat exchanger, heating element and thermostat, hose, hydraulic pneumatic system, instrument, instrument (Laboratory), iron removal system, irrigation pipe, level controller, magnetic water conditioner, MBR system, mechanical coupling, membrane diffuser;
|Reverse osmosis membrane, ultrafiltration membrane, supplier of mineral water plant, supplier of mineral water, pump, rubber washer, nozzle, oil skimmer, ORP meter, ozone generator, ozone system, pH meter, pipe, pipe composite, pipe frp-grp, metal pipe, pipe PE / PP / other plastics, pipes, pipe fittings and valves, pressure gauge, pressure switch, pressure vessel, process control Manufacturing tools, process control software, pump spare parts and services, centrifuges, pump chemical feed, pump diaphragm, pump FRP & PP, high-pressure pumps, etc., injection, pump rotation, sewage pump, submersible, pump, vacuum, pump and motor, pump reverse osmosis, resin, reverse osmosis component, reverse osmosis device, reverse osmosis device, reverse osmosis system, reverse osmosis equipment
|Valve: gate valve, check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, stop valve, plug valve, forged steel valve, regulating valve, solenoid valve, ceramic valve and various valve accessories.
|Flue gas purification and air extraction equipment: industrial dedusting equipment, technology, materials and relevant accessories, desulfurization and deamination equipment and technology, air purification, activated carbon, filter materials, devices and pollution prevention, gas emission pollution detection equipment (analysis, measurement, monitoring), harmless treatment and resources of municipal sludge, kitchen waste, urban organic household waste and other solid organic wastes Source treatment and environmental protection machinery
|Waste management and recycling; air pollution prevention measures and air purification.

6、 Target audience
In 2019, it attracted more than 18000 professional visitors, including 25% CEOs, 15% department managers, 20% project engineers, 8% contractors, 6% enterprise managers, 6% purchasers, 7% business development, 8% consultants, 23% marketing personnel and 15% others.
Audience categories: water / wastewater contractors, water / wastewater consultants, distilleries / breweries, water authorities of government agencies, agencies / NGOs / OEMs, engineering companies, environmental consultants, project financing companies, research and technology institutes, real estate developers, agricultural bureaus, automobile manufacturers, cement and glass industries, chemical plants, distilleries / Breweries Unit, educational institution, fertilizer manufacturer, food and beverage industry unit, food processing unit, hospital / hotel / club, industrial park authority, leather industry enterprise, electrical / electronic manufacturer, municipal company, medical institution, paint industry, petrochemical and pharmaceutical factory, plastic industry, pollution control board, power plant, public works Department, pulp and paper factory , oil and gas / refineries, rubber industry, steel mills, sugar and textile industries, trade publications and research.

7、 Exhibition introduction
Waterex Expo is the largest water industry exhibition in Egypt and the most professional water industry exhibition in the Middle East and Africa. It shows the latest technologies and products in the field of water and wastewater treatment, and is the best platform for the global water industry to understand the water market and trade promotion in Egypt. In response to the strategic deployment of the president of Egypt, waterex Expo received the full support from the Egyptian government, the Ministry of water affairs of the Engineering Bureau of the Egyptian armed forces, the Ministry of housing, utilities and urban communities, the Ministry of environmental affairs, the Ministry of trade and industry, the state-owned water and wastewater treatment company of Egypt, the Ministry of water resources and irrigation, and the national drinking water and sanitation and drainage organization and association of Egypt. The 2019 Egypt international water treatment exhibition was held in Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Center, Egypt, attracting more than 200 enterprises from 25 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, and more than 18000 professional visitors to visit and exchange on site.
The 2020 Egypt international water treatment exhibition will be held in Cairo, Egypt, from March 22 to 24. In the same period of the exhibition, there will be many activities such as water treatment technology seminar. As one of the important cooperative development countries in China's "one belt and one road" initiative, with the help of Watrex Expo's exhibition platform, closely related to the development direction of the world's water industry, we invited Egypt's environmental protection department, water resources department, industry association leaders, leaders of water industry leaders, well-known experts and relevant local business representatives to share the technological front and development trend of the modern water industry. Potential: to promote the exchange and cooperation of environmental protection industries between China and Egypt, and build a comprehensive and diversified professional service exchange platform for Chinese water industry enterprises to enter the Egyptian market.


Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


  • Company:China Chemical Information Center
  • Telephone:010-64418347
  • Truename:Wu Li Wen
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  • E-mail:wulw@cncic.cn
  • QQ:1468324718


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