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2020 the 9th China Shanghai International explosion proof electrical technology equipment exhibition
Industry: Industrial / Mechanical / Processing
Time: 2020/04/15 - 04/17 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shanghai Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center 66 Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Sponsor:Shanghai Liguo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Organizer:Shanghai Liguo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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The 2020 Shanghai International explosion proof electrical exhibition has been successfully held for eight times. The last exhibition attracted nearly 300 high-quality suppliers from 11 countries and regions around the world to participate in the exhibition, including TUV, Schneider, Phoenix Contact, Ge, Rockwell, Honeywell, Cologne, Warwick, Nanyang explosion proof, Huarong group and chuangzheng Explosion proof, Hengtong electric instrument, feice explosion-proof, inteking, Tianjin Longdian electric, Shenyang north, ZTE explosion-proof, Jixiang delge, locksack, Jinyi photoelectric, Shanghai juege electric, Qisheng electric, etc.
The three-day exhibition received a total of 37751 professional visitors, including 31624 domestic visitors, 6127 foreign visitors and 1200 conference representatives. The growth in professional visitors and buyers was outstanding, and the overall number of visitors was greatly increased compared with 2018, and the popularity of the site was explosive. With a larger scale, more comprehensive types of exhibitors and stronger publicity, the exhibition has achieved unprecedented exhibition effect. The proportion of industrial users among professional visitors has reached nearly 86.3%, and the proportion of visitors with purchasing decision-making power has reached 76%. The on-site survey of audience information shows that 81% of the visitors are willing to recommend the exhibition to business partners or colleagues 77% of the visitors said they would visit the 2020 exhibition. We firmly believe that the next exhibition will be better and better through the support of exhibitors and the joint efforts of various organizations.
The 9th China Shanghai International explosion proof electrical technology equipment exhibition will be held in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center from April 15 to 17, 2020! The exhibition will further expand the industrial chain and focus on the display of new technologies, new equipment, new products and new processes in the field of explosion-proof electrical at home and abroad. Establish a brand image for the enterprise, promote trade cooperation and market development, lead the industry trend, strengthen the interaction of production, R & D and sales, and deeply understand the new direction of market development in the future.

Important release platform for innovation and outstanding products
As an important platform for exchange and release of innovative technologies in explosion-proof electrical industry, it focuses on the transmission of innovative value of outstanding products and technologies, supports more market promotion and publicity of innovative products, and actively promotes and accelerates innovation in the whole industry.
Provide you with opportunities to communicate with senior decision makers
More and more senior decision makers of enterprises regard this exhibition as the most important industry activity, gathering in Shanghai every April to seek technology and future trends. During the exhibition, exhibitors will have more opportunities to meet with real senior decision makers and create business opportunities.
Meet with industry experts in a very forward-looking Forum
During the exhibition, there will be many industry forums, technical competitions and operation demonstration activities, focusing on the hot spots of the industry, inviting industry leaders, technical experts and research scholars from scientific research institutes, industry associations, domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises to answer questions and solve doubts for the audience, share production process cases, provide advanced technology solutions, and look forward to the development of the industry.


Scope of exhibits:
Explosion proof liquid level controller, explosion-proof hydraulic parts, explosion-proof air conditioning refrigeration system, explosion-proof gas detection instrument, explosion-proof electromagnetic starter, explosion-proof electric heater, explosion-proof gas purification system, explosion-proof wireless network data controller;
Explosion proof sound light alarm device, explosion-proof solenoid valve, explosion-proof junction box (box), explosion-proof button, switch, explosion-proof electromagnetic flowmeter, explosion-proof plug-in device, explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof signal, sign, indicator light, explosion-proof sign light, explosion-proof pressure transmitter;
Explosion proof weighing apparatus, explosion-proof communication signal controller, explosion-proof display instrument, explosion-proof electronic device, explosion-proof wireless controller, explosion-proof mobile transformer, explosion-proof thermocouple (resistance), explosion-proof axial flow fan, explosion-proof pipe connector, explosion-proof distribution box, explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof control cabinet, explosion-proof sensor, explosion-proof intrinsic safety power controller, explosion-proof safety barrier
Explosion proof computer, explosion-proof elevator, explosion-proof instrument, explosion-proof forklift, explosion-proof touch screen, explosion-proof air compressor and other explosion-proof products;

Costs & Precautions

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