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Hangzhou Overseas International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address:329 Shangtang Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou
Area:60000 M²
Location:China-Zhejiang Province-Hangzhou City-Gongshu District


The exhibition center is invested and built by Songcheng group Hangzhou paradise Tourism Co., Ltd. The total investment is 200 million yuan. Animation Museum is a comprehensive and multi-functional large-scale service facility specially built to promote the exchange and development of animation industry in Zhejiang Province. With its advanced facilities and first-class services, it has become an important exhibition hall to promote the animation industry in Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou. With a total construction area of about 60000 square meters, animation hall is a comprehensive venue integrating exhibition, amusement performance and parking. Approved by Hangzhou municipal government, it is the designated venue for the 4th to 6th Hangzhou animation festival.

Exhibition hall scale
The animation hall is divided into two parts. The existing general exhibition hall covers an area of 17500 ㎡, with a floor height of 5.5 meters, which is suitable for general exhibitions. The special exhibition hall covers an area of 12000 ㎡, with a floor height of 9 meters and a wide space, which can meet the exhibition needs of special equipment. The exhibition hall covers an area of 12600 ㎡, with a floor height of 6 meters, which can meet the general exhibition needs.




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