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Ganzhou Yide International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address:100 meters east of 105 National Road, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province
Area:3600000 M²
Location:China-Jiangxi Province-Ganzhou City-Zhanggong District


Ganzhou Comprehensive Commercial Logistics Park (Yide City) covers a total area of 3,000 acres, a total construction area of 3.6 million square meters, and a total investment of 10 billion yuan. With ten professional trade and trading centers including ceramic building materials, hardware and electronics, furniture and home furnishings, auto and motorcycle accessories covering the entire industry and the entire industrial chain, it is also equipped with e-commerce, commercial complexes, star hotels, international convention and exhibition centers, and smart World-class supporting facilities such as chemical warehouse logistics, financial services, and entertainment will become a new city center in the city of Greater Ganzhou. After the project is fully completed and operated, it is estimated that the total annual transaction in the market will be more than 30 billion yuan, which can provide more than 150,000 entrepreneurial opportunities and jobs to the society.

        As an important business supporting place of Ide City Ganzhou Comprehensive Commercial Logistics Park, Ide City Ganzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center will start operation on October 1, 2014. The indoor construction area of the exhibition center is about 16534.9 square meters, and an outdoor exhibition area of 23,000 square meters is constructed. The indoor exhibition hall has a net height of 16 meters. About 560 standard booths can be set up in the exhibition hall. There are front and rear exhibition halls, multi-purpose halls, conferences The functional areas such as rooms and lounges are equipped with basic supporting facilities such as central air-conditioning, modern fire-fighting systems, telephones, broadband, and water supply and power supply facilities, and have their own parking lots. It is Ganzhou's strongest exhibition capacity, the most complete facilities, and the most modern construction. The exhibition platform has filled the blank of Ganzhou's professional comprehensive indoor exhibition venue. Yizhou City Ganzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center will hold national-level exhibitions, such as auto shows, wedding fairs, housing fairs, cultural fairs, and other large-scale conferences to attract exchanges and cooperation from all walks of life. Become an important platform to drive the popularity of Ganzhou Comprehensive Commercial Logistics Park, to stimulate Ganzhou's economic development, and to enrich the lives of the people in Gannan.




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